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Banquet Hall

Hotel SP International offers excellent banqueting facilities at its mix of indoor and outdoor, chic, elegant venues having a capacity of upto 600 guests. Dayal Paradise presents a magnificent backdrop for the intimacy and grandeur of a wedding. The hotel offers its wedding guests extremely sumptuous food, smart and stylish set-ups -ranging from traditionally classic to suave and trendy- along with personalized service, making their experience highly memorable. From a simple ceremony to a grand extravaganza, it has residential weddings packages to suit every level of sophistication and budget. The trademark warmth and hospitality is reflected in its personalized wedding management that ensures that every little detail, however small, is given the attention it deserves. All this makes the hotel an extremely popular destination for weddings.

Conference Hall

If you're in the business of impressing then Hotel SP International has superior facilities to suit any function - from private meeting rooms to large conference and event halls. All thoughtfully appointed spaces and amenities. Impeccable service and attention to detail only add to your confidence.